В адрес ЕУ поступило письмо поддержки от Мишеля Вьевьорки, президента Международной социологической ассоциации

My dear Colleagues,

As the President of ISA (International Sociological Association), and as a sociologist that knows that in the contemporary word, there is no democracy without sociology, let me tell you that I fully support your efforts in order to protect the capacity of the European University of Saint-Petersburg to stand as a unique place in Russia for the develoment of social science at the highest standards.

Michel Wieviorka
President, Association Internationale de Sociologie
Directeur d'etudes a l'EHESS, directeur du CADIS
54, boulevard Raspail, 75006 Paris
Tel. 33(0)149542347 Fax 33(0)142840591

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